Hong Kong: People/Biography/Memoir

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By Vaudine England

There were 145 foreign traders resident in Canton in 1831: 66 English, 52 Parsees (who were counted as British), total 118; 15 Americans, 3 Dutch, 3 Swedish, 1 French, 1 Swiss and 4 Spanish. Most of these were resident in Hong Kong within 15 years. They joined a small Chinese population of farmers and fishermen of mixed ethnic backgrounds. This chapter looks at the individuals of all origins who came to Hong Kong from Canton, Calcutta, Java, Persia, Armenia, Baghdad, Holland, and beyond – through specific studies, biographies and memoir.


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1. A Canton Mandarin Weds a Connecticut Yankee: Chinese-Western Intermarriage Becomes a ‘Problem’
2. Mae Watkins Becomes a ‘Real Chinese Wife’: Marital Expatriation, Migration, and Transracial Hybridity
3. ‘A Problem for Which There Is No Solution’: The New Hybrid Brood and the Specter of Degeneration in New York’s Chinatown
4. ‘Productive of Good to Both Sides’: The Eurasian as Solution in Chinese Utopian Visions of Racial Harmony
5. Reversing the Sociological Lens: Putting Sino-American “Mixed Bloods” on the Miscegenation Map
6. The ‘Peculiar Cast’: Navigating the American Color Line in the Era of Chinese Exclusion
7. On Not Looking Chinese: Chineseness as Consent or Descent?
8. ‘No Gulf between a Chan and a Smith amongst Us’: Charles Graham Anderson’s Manifesto for Eurasian Unity in Interwar Hong Kong.

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attended by many Eurasian, Chinese and other students:
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