Katon Lee looking for interviewees for HK suit culture, 1950s-80s

一則來自英國布里斯托大學歷史系博士候選人李啟雋(Katon Lee)有關口述訪問的信息



This week we have a message from Katon Lee, history PhD student at the University of Bristol, seeking oral history interviewees for his research:

Hi all, I am currently doing a project about Hong Kong suit culture. My project aims to use suits as a case study to reveal the reshaping of Chinese society and culture under colonial influence from the 1950s to the 1980s. I would definitely love to hear from you if you (or your family and friends) know anything about tailors and tailoring businessmen or have any experiences of buying suits in Hong Kong, particularly from the 1950s to the 1980s. We could arrange a face-to-face meeting as I am currently in Hong Kong for research, or a Skype meeting if you prefer going online. If you have any questions about my research project, please feel free to contact me via katon.lee@bristol.ac.uk. I sincerely look forward to your precious and fascinating stories!