Coming soon: Hong Kong History Centre / 香港史研究中心即將成立

好消息 -布里斯托大學將設立全球首個香港史研究中心!



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Coming soon …

Across the next few months we are working on the formal establishment of the world’s first Hong Kong History Centre, here at the University of Bristol. Building on the seven years of activity under our Hong Kong History Project umbrella, which has seen us support conferences and workshops in Britain, Hong Kong, and Canada, network with colleagues internationally, and sponsor and support seven PhD students and four postdoctoral research fellows. We have incubated (so far) two books, numerous articles and book chapters, with two more books in press, and more great work on its way, with alumni of the project having moved on to postdoc fellowships and positions in Britain and in Hong Kong.

We will be steadily intensifying and broadening this range of activity. Our first new doctoral students have begun their studies, and we are beginning to appoint to the diverse range of positions that will form the Centre team, and its expanded range of activities.

Watch this space.

Robert Bickers & Vivian Kong