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香港史研究中心 /《尚未完場》/ 私人放映 Hong Kong History Centre / “TO BE CONTINUED” / PRIVATE SCREENING

3 December 2023
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

香港史研究中心 /《尚未完場》/ 社區放映 HONG KONG HISTORY CENTRE / “TO BE CONTINUED” Private Screening

We are excited to invite you to a private screening of ‘To Be Continued’ in Bristol, organised and brought to you by Hong Kong History Centre.

We will also be providing a sneak preview of episode one of: ‘Hong Kong Documented’ (12 mins), co-produced by Hong Kong History Centre and Society for Hong Kong Studies.


Please register on Ticketpass:



同場加映:香港史研究中心 暨 香港學會 共同製作——《香港史. 記》第一輯(12分鐘)






Screening Details 

‘To Be Continued’ 

* Includes Post Screening Online Sharing with Directors

* Additional Screening: ‘Hong Kong Documented’ Episode 1 (12 mins)


Date and Time: 3 December 2023 (Sun), 10:30am-1pm (Entry opens at 10:15am)

Venue: Watershed Cinema 3 (1 Canons Road, Bristol BS1 5TX)

Language: Cantonese & English (with Chinese and English subtitles)

Entry fee: Free of charge (registration required, open seating)


Additional Information:

– This is a private screening. Tickets are only available from the Hong Kong History Centre.

– One ticket per registration; no entry to the venue without a ticket.

– Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the screening for registration. The film will start promptly.






* 設有映後導演線上分享環節

* 同場加映:《香港史. 記》第一輯(12分鐘)


日期及時間:2023年12月03日(星期日)上午10:30-1pm (10:15am開放入場)

地點: Watershed Cinema 3 (1 Canons Road, Bristol BS1 5TX)

語言: 廣東話、英語(輔以中文及英文字幕)

票價: 免費(須事先登記,不設劃位)



– 私人放映,門票經香港史研究中心免費派發

– 每個名字只能登記一張門票,只允許事先登記者入場

– 請提早15分鐘到場,登記後方可入座,逾時不候




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Synopsis of <To be Continued>

Convenient, tired and vapid, ‘East-meets-West’ is a cliché that has for decades been used to sell the ‘Hong Kong story’ to the world. Yet in the forgotten legend of Harry Odell, Hong Kong’s first impresario, a rediscovery of the city’s soul awaits.


Flamboyant and cigar-chomping, Odell was a Cairo-born, Shanghai-bred Russian Jew who stamped his mark on the cultural life of post-war Hong Kong. His hopeful, if chronically loss-making adventures pushed the cultural frontiers of his adopted home, capturing the open, dynamic and inclusive spirit of a bygone era to leave a legacy that resonates to this day. What began as a conservation campaign to save the iconic State Theatre in Hong Kong morphed into five years of research and interviews with those who witnessed Odell in action. The result: a film that is as much a study of one indomitable pioneer as it is a soul-searching journey of what defines Hong Kong.







他是叱吒⼀時的娛樂⼤亨,是皇都戲院前⾝ – 璇宮戲院的創辦⼈,五⼗年代戰後蕭條,他已⼀⼿引入多位國際知名⾳樂家,永遠叼着⼀⼝雪茄⾒報寫專欄,演藝事業虧損慘重,卻為香港⽂化開闢了新天地,被稱為「香港⽂化史前⼈物」。






在那個⽩天上映⿈⾶鴻和林黛電影的⼤戲院,晚上有名家如 Isaac Stern、Fournier坐鎮,華洋雜處,雅俗共賞,只此⼀家。標誌香港新時代的⼤會堂開幕,第⼀場演奏正是由歐德禮承辦。








Hong Kong History Centre

Established in 2022, and based in the History Department at the University of Bristol, the Hong Kong History Centre is the world’s first research centre focusing on the study of Hong Kong history.


The Centre will build on the achievements of the 2015-22 Hong Kong History Project. Since its launch, Bristol’s Hong Kong History Project has supported seven doctoral research projects and four postdoctoral research fellows, as well as the publication of articles, book chapters, and books on a diverse range of topics relating to the city’s past. In its seven years of activity, the Project has built an international reputation for its leadership in facilitating the study of Hong Kong history, by investing in emerging talent in the field, as well as supporting conferences and workshops in Britain, Hong Kong, and Canada, and networking with colleagues internationally.


The Hong Kong History Centre will provide a structured programme of support for a fresh cohort of researchers. It will provide an open platform here at Bristol through which scholars internationally at all career stages can exchange views at workshops and conferences, and through speaker series and visiting programmes, share findings and develop the study of Hong Kong’s regional and global impacts, and the histories of its peoples, both within the territory, and across its global diaspora.


In particular, the Centre aims to sponsor research on the history of Hong Kong and its peoples, nurture and develop academic talent in the field, and serve as an international hub for the discipline, hosting visiting staff and students. Another core strand of our work is public engagement and outreach, with an interest to raise public awareness of the history of Hong Kong and its global relations. The Centre will also be launching a Hong Kong Historical Archives initiative, actively building a visual and textual archival collection, which will include an online public platform hosting photographic and other material relating to the history of the city.