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Hong Kong History Day

16 September 2023
10:15 am - 5:40 pm

Hong Kong History Day


Date and Time: 16 Sep 2023 (Saturday), 10:15am -5:40pm (HKT)
Venue: The University of Hong Kong Campus (Exact location TBC)
Organizer: Society for Hong Kong Studies & Hong Kong History Centre, University of Bristol
Language: English and Cantonese


To attend, please register in advance via this link.


You may find the rundown here: Programme_HK History Day 2023


The upcoming “Hong Kong History Day” on September 16, co-organized by the Society for Hong Kong Studies (SHKS) and the Hong Kong History Centre (HKHC), will feature four academic panels. These panels will cover topics such as the challenges and achievements of archiving Hong Kong’s history, the study of music, cinema, and entertainment in Hong Kong’s past, the sharing of teaching experiences in Hong Kong history education, and a revisiting of the “Golden Era” of the 1970s through scholarly writing. The event aims to provide a platform for academic discussions and insights into various aspects of Hong Kong’s history.







1st Panel: Archiving Hong Kong: Achievements and Challenges (English)
11:00 am -12:15 pm

Garfield Lam, Archives, Special Collections, Preservation and Conservation, University Archives, The University of Hong Kong
林建勳 香港大學 檔案館,特別藏品部及文獻保護與修復中心

Robert Bickers, Department of History & Hong Kong History Centre, University of Bristol
畢可思 布里斯托大學歷史系 香港史研究中心

Kwong Chi Man, History Department, Hong Kong Baptist University
鄺智文 香港浸會大學 歷史系


12:15-1:40 pm  Lunch Break


2nd Panel: Entertaining Hong Kong: Studies of history of music, cinema and entertainment (English)
1:40-3:00 pm

Stephen Yiu-Wai Chu, Hong Kong Studies Programme, The University of Hong Kong
朱耀偉 香港大學 香港研究課程

CHING May Bo, Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong
程美寶 香港城市大學 中文及歷史學系

Dora Choi, Co-director of “To Be Continued”
徐岱靈 《尚未完場》聯合導演

Yvonne Liao, Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
廖穎娟 香港中文大學 音樂系


3rd Panel: Writing about the 1970s: The “Golden Era” Revisited (Cantonese)
3:00-4:00 pm


Ray Yep, Department of History & Hong Kong History Centre, University of Bristol
葉健民 布里斯托大學歷史系 香港史研究中心

Tai-lok Lui, Department of Social Sciences & Policy Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong
呂大樂 香港教育大學 社會科學與政策研究學系

Florence Mok, History Department, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
莫欣頴 新加坡南洋理工大學 歷史系


4:00-4:20 pm  Coffee Break


4th Panel: Teaching Hong Kong History: Sharing of Experience (Cantonese)
4:20-5:40 pm


Tim Yung, Department of History, The University of Hong Kong
翁景暉 香港大學 歷史系

Vivian Kong, Department of History & Hong Kong History Centre, University of Bristol
江偉欣 布里斯托大學歷史系 香港史研究中心

Siu Kwan Cheng, The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad College
鄭小群 基督教聖約教會堅樂中學

Catherine Chan, Department of History, Lingnan University
陳家怡 嶺南大學 歷史系