On 22th March, we had our third meeting of Network of Early Career Scholars on Hong Kong History. An enjoyable afternoon with Sze Hong Lam (Leiden University) examining at the international legal implications of the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 1514(XV) and 1541(XV), and how they have a lasting impact on Hong Kong’s autonomy even today; Alex Cheung (University of Bristol) reconstructing daily life experience of living in Chinese tenements and Hong Kong, and how housing condition in port cities displaced migrant workers; Phyllis Chan (University of Bristol) examining how officials investigated claims that Hong Kong residents made to British nationality; and Adrian Kwong (University of Oxford) arguing the socialisation experiences of education and work created by Hong Kong’s development challenges the authoritarian stability of Hong Kong, but the high-income and wealthy stratum benefitting from the current political economy supports it.

You can find the abstract of the presentation here.

It is always great to meet new friends and exchange ideas. We intend to meet regularly and if you are scholar based in the UK and want to be part of this network, Please write to Prof. Ray Yep, Research Director of Hong Kong History Centre, at rekmy@bristol.ac.uk.